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Archie is a Parson Russell Terrier. He has a distinguished parson pedigree but I have never registered him as it is not important to me. He is a very sensitive little chap but has also a very strong working terrier instinct. He is bottom of my pack and is always looking out for an opportunity to advance his position within it which can create problems at times. Like nearly all terriers he needs firm but fair handling.

He loves showing off doing tricks and learns very quickly. It has taken a while to get him to work well for a toy but squeaky ones are now his favourite thing! He loves it when I get out my target stick and clicker - he loves doing 'Highs' and 'Rewinds' and 'Rollovers'. He loves the attention and the feeling he is succeeding.

His agility career has seen him winning out of Starters in 2004 ( he only didn't win out in 2003 because I had a bad injury that prevented me from competing near the end of that season) and he is now half way to Senior after winning a Novice jumping earlier this year. Sadly, he will probably never make Senior as the agility classification of dog heights changed in January 2006 and he became a Medium dog and he now has to jump three inch higher jumps. How much I do with him will depend on how he copes with that physically.

Archie is a baby! Loves a cuddle, loves his walks and loves being my agility buddy. He is very cute and so many people on the agility circuit say how they do really like his looks!