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Deedee or DD was born December 2012 and is Nellie’s niece. Her name was inspired by her markings - similar as they are to both Ding’s and Dot (cousin and aunty respectively) - AND  I wanted to remember a lovely lady I knew as Aunty Edie. She was my cousin’s aunty and she was a great animal lover who, when I visited with my cousin, would happily talk to me about her animals – dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, goats etc. I kept in touch with her by letter up until she died long after I had grown up.  DD  is a Nedlo, bred by Lesley Olden out of Toot (Nellie’s sister so Waggerland and Flynntastic lines) and her sire is Lorna Peachey’s Mint (from Woodsorrel and Rosmarinus lines). At the moment she doesn’t care two hoots about her lines and to be honest neither do I as the gene pool is so vast anything can happen. Though she does have her grandfather Diesel’s  (Ag Ch Forbyfor Turbodiesel)prick ears with a slight tip on the right one! Her grandmother Beanie (Nellie’s mum) also had prick ears so there was a chance these lovely ears would appear. She has Diesel’s  disinterest in most things other than playing and anything that could be construed as a toy. It has been hard work getting her to want to learn things for food so I can teach her tricks with a clicker – the kinds of things that improve proprioception, balance, core strength, weight transfer, back paw awareness and which help her learn that learning things with me is fun – but we are making more headway now finally and she is enjoying learning new things and being rewarded with food.  She is 8 months as I write (Aug 2013) and her greatest achievements so far are the fact she is turning into a very responsive little dog, she is learning to swim in the sea, learning to walk backwards in a straight line (reverse)and around me (rewind), circling a soft pad (elephant), and stand in a plastic tub (in the box). She is also learning to handstand. Her recalls are coming along and I have to say she has the sweetest nature I have ever come across with other dogs, and people. Though she is not above having a tantrum when I try to cut her nails (mind you I did catch one a tiny bit short once which has not helped..) 

In the ten years I have been doing agility things have moved on apace. There are new ways to train and new things to train. DD and I are already learning about running contacts – a process I have been warned is likely to turn me into a manic depressive because it is so hard. Having taught my dogs stop contacts each time thus far I wanted to try something different with her. She is not the biggest of collie bitches so I don’t think she is going to be able to bounce distances as easily as some of the powerful boys and even larger bitches like Nellie can do. Though there is every chance she will be able to turn very tight indeed and in the air. Every millisecond counts in Large agility, more so than at any other height category, so ‘running’ it is…

photo Alan Score
May 2013 Martin Down, Hampshire 
second sea swim, July Chapman's Pool, Purbeck