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Nellie-Bean is a pedigree border collie, born April 17th 2007.  Her birthday is the same as my grand-dad's on my father's side and her name was inspired by the fact that my grand-dad on my mother's side used to call me Little Nell as it derives from Ellen which derives from Helen..... so I think that is really nice.  She has very intelligent parents-her mum is an agility champion who also competes at high levels in working trials and her father is TDex at working trials-champ level.  She shows every sign of being clever and keen to learn.  I waited nearly two years for her to be born.  I saw Beanie (her mum) about 4 years ago just when I started to compete and didn't know who she was or who was her owner but I liked the way she ran-all neat and intelligent looking.  Nearly two years later I saw her run again and was none the wiser but liked her again.  Then a few months later I started to train with Lesley and I made the connection and realised it was Beanie I had seen.  In the flesh she was a sweet and affectionate dog and I really liked her- I had realised I liked Waggerlands also-their shape and working style from watching round the rings.  So it all came together that way.  Beanie was due to have her first litter that next winter and of course I was too late to get on the list.  It had been formed before I had started training.  But Lesley told me she might have another litter eventually so I asked to go on the list and found myself second on it just behind Lesley herself.  But would she have another litter?
Every time Lesley mentioned about a potential mating I asked was I still on the list? When they were born I held my breath-would she have a black and white girl? She had two (and seven other pups-one b/w boy, five red/white girls and a red/white boy). Then it was-would Lesley choose the b/w girl I wanted? I knew she would like similar things to me in the pup she chose.  The last litter-the one I would have wanted was the one she would have kept had she been keeping one. So up until the last week I had no idea if I would be able to have the pup that I had realised I had wanted since they were just over two weeks old.  Fortunately for me I got my first choice.  And here she is at two and eight weeks 
Nell with
Poppy, Archie and Henry
at Chapman's Pool
In October 2008 Nellie-Bean turned 18 months-the magical age at which dogs are permitted to compete in agility in the UK. We are having fun doing 'Not for Compeition' shows (ie where I can take a toy and targets in and even my clicker) and generally taking our own sweet time to get things a bit more together before we launch ourselves into the competition ring in the Spring.
Will Nellie and I make it to the top in agility-to the dizzy heights of Advanced and Champ, Olympia and Crufts and the Worlds????  Who knows but we can have a lot of fun trying! Watch this space