Back in the Spring Nellie and I had a very good day! We qualified for the Olympia semis (Day 1) by coming 5th in the qualifying heat. We will attend that semi at the end of August. On the same day we also qualified for the Easter Celebration Advanced Power and Speed Final which is to be held at Dogs In Need agility show in August.  I am pleased to say my problems of last year with  muscles and rigid joints has been easing off gradually with the help of an excellent chiropractor and sports therapist partnership I discovered in the autumn of last year and so I am running Nellie more fluently on the whole. So far, touch wood, she too has been free of the pad injuries that have blighted the last two years. Hurrah!

Here she is taking part in the Olympia heat competition this year and at Thames show in June.

We have also managed to qualify for a couple of Champ Finals but then pilot error (me!) put paid to our chances of getting anywhere in those. Never mind. We are consistently getting top 5% places when we pull together a fast clear round which, taking into consideration the calibre of dogs in Large Grade 7 and the fact we chase all the big national qualifying shows up and down the country, is not to be sneezed at but I am always striving to be a better handler and to read the courses more proactively.

At Dogs in Need we took part in  the Easter Celebration Power and Speed Final. This was the last one to be sponsored and run by EC and so it was especially nice to be in the line up. Nellie put in a faultless Power section with its tricky weave entry and two spreads to be negotiated on a turn.  Then the Jumping Speed section where a wide turn at the top of the course cost a second or more. Never mind – we came in 8th and really enjoyed the event. One of the happiest, relaxed Finals I have ever taken part in.
Nellie and I also went to the Olympia semis day at the end of August and put in a lovely clear early on in the running order. It was a  big tricky  6/7 agility course .. and we qualified. Yay!! So once again – and especially wonderful after the last two years of her pad cuts and my muscular/skeletal problems – she and I are off to London for the International Horse Show at Christmas. 

Here is her run –  doesn’t she look great!
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Easter Celebration
photo Alan Score
photo Alan Score